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Oisin McMahon, Owner - Blue Charm Angling Co.  Mention salmon fishing in Labrador and you're alreading dreaming of an angling trip of a lifetime. Pick the Forteau River and you're pretty close to getting there. My stay at the Labrador Salmon Lodge would certainly rank as one of the best trips of my angling experiences. One aspect of it was the river and the other was the Lodge itself.

The Forteau has to be one of the nicest rivers I've fished. It is a mid-sized river with pools that are quite fishable and after a few days on the river you can certainly pick a favorite one. This river is superb for what can be called back end salmon or late season fishing. My trip in late August provided plenty of oppertunities to cast and fish for large salmon. Sucess and having fish on made it all the better. The solitude of the river at this time of the season made for a perfect setting. Throw in a few sea-run brook trout and you can't ask for anything better when you head back to the lodge.

The Labrador Salmon lodge is simply steeped in history. Being the oldest lodge in Labrador meant that you're walking into the history of a river when you first arrive and this made for the most excitement of the trip. The rustic nature of the place added to fishing experience. Simply put, you're still fishing on a wild river. One can leave this speical lodge and wander most of the river and come back for some of the finest food ever served. The menu often focused on local dishes and serves up the best Sunday dinner I've had. The staff here made it all possible, and as one should expect, they were some of the best people you'd ever meet. Understated maybe, both the Lodge and the river make for some of the finest salmon fishing one could hope to experience.

Jeff Piercey - Port Rexton, NL : My visit to Labrador Salmon Lodge ranks as one of the more memorable fishing trips in recent years. While enjoying an action packed summer, the highlight of my season took place in the company of my brother at the Labrador Salmon Lodge in the Southern portion of the "Big Land". Located a stones throw from the beautiful Forteau River, the Labrador Salmon Lodge offers the angler a top-notch fishing experience.
The river itself is truly a little piece of heaven, it has it all--classic pools, pocket water, countless rips and runs, water for novices and experts alike, all of which beckons the angler to make a cast or two. During our stay the fishing was exceptional-non-stop action. We managed close to 20 hook-up's in a couple days of fishing, one of about 15 pounds in the lower section of Ladies Pool. Our best fly was by far a #12 Blue Charm with Fl. Green butt.

With awesome scenery, lots of fishable water, low angling pressure, and a down-home relaxed atmosphere at the main lodge, it is a place that rejuvenates the soul. The lodge is staffed with wonderful people that make you feel welcome from the outset. The guides not only know the river like the "back of their hand", but are very personable with lots of great stories. Rumbling stomachs are promptly seen too by a wonderful kitchen staff that offers up mouth-watering meals. We can't wait to get back!!!

John O'Hearn, NL - A truly memorial experience awaits everyone who visits Labrador Fishing Lodge . Each year I return knowing that a fresh run of salmon is just a cast away. Each day that I return to the Lodge I know that great hospitality and home cooking is my reward for a great day on a great river. We have always visited the Lodge with a small group of anglers with varying degrees of salmon fishing experience. Each of them have always been impressed with the experience of the guides and opportunity to hook , catch and release fresh run fish. I have been to the Lodge each of the past three years and I will be back again to catch more fish and share good times with fine friends.

Stephen Outerbridge, NL - One of the sometimes overlooked features of the Labrador Salmon Lodge on the  Forteau River is the very good fall fishery. Not only are  salmon still available in late August –early September but there are also the sea-run brookies, some of them in the 5-7lb. range. We have seen these beautiful fish savagely attack bombers, and they put up an excellent fight. The big salmon are still in the holding pools- granted  a bit harder to catch than earlier in the season, but there are few anglers (and flies) this time of year. In addition we were pleasantly surprised to release 3 bright fish fresh from the ocean in our few days fishing.

Hon. David Anderson P.C. : "The Forteau is truly a gem of a river. There is variety in the fishing and scenery, and the Lodge has a great staff of guides and a fine crew in the kitchen. My time fishing there was the highlight of last year. Next summer my friends and I will be back."

Donald Clarke - Avid Fisherman/Guide, Western NL: "This is my favorite salmon fishing lodge in Labardor. As an experienced guide, I get feedback on what makes a great package and the Labrador Salmon Lodge covers all bases. "




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